Salesforce New Edition Update: Marketing Cloud Growth to Power Small Businesses Growth

In a recent announcement, Salesforce introduced Marketing Cloud Growth, a version of Marketing Cloud made just for small businesses.

Using AI, this edition simplifies the process for marketers to group audiences, design and email campaigns with text and images, improve campaign results, and build complete customer profiles. It also includes a prompt builder to store and handle reliable organizational prompts.

Salesforce New Edition Update: Marketing Cloud Growth to Power Small Businesses Growth

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition Overview:

Generative AI is revolutionizing how small businesses operate, and Salesforce is at the forefront of this revolution. In a recent announcement, Salesforce introduced Marketing Cloud Growth, a powerful new edition of Marketing Cloud explicitly designed to empower small businesses. This Edition is built on the Salesforce trusted Einstein 1 platform that integrates CRM, AI, and Data to help small businesses drive growth more efficiently.

Note: The new Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is not a replacement for Marketing Cloud Engagement or Account Engagement. This is the right option for small businesses that have not yet implemented the Salesforce platform for marketing automation.

So, what does this mean for small businesses?

  • Faster audience segmentation – With natural language prompts, businesses can create new audience segments in minutes without coding.
  • Efficient campaign delivery – Generate campaign brief segments, landing pages, and other content automatically using natural language prompts and pre-built templates.
  • Enhance customer personalization – Using unified profiles improves marketing, sales, service, and commerce experience across various channels.
  • Real-time optimization – Access real-time reporting and user-friendly dashboards to fine-tune marketing strategies.

Moreover, Salesforce has made data cloud accessible at no cost, allowing users to unify customer data across marketing, sales, service, and commerce channels. This enables personalized messages across any channel, enhancing customer experiences. This move also kickstarts the AI journey for small businesses, empowering them to leverage AI power insights to understand customer engagement levels and optimize outreach strategy.

Marketing Cloud Growth functionalities:

Marketing Cloud Growth helps marketers to promote brands and products effectively. This app combines tabs and tools from different Salesforce apps, starting with Data Cloud, Salesforce CMS, Campaign, and Flow Builders.

• Data cloud:

Data cloud unifies your data from multiple sources at a massive scale. Marketers can build audience segments for targeted communications after an Admin or analyst configures and organizes the data streams.

• Salesforce CMS:

Next comes the Salesforce CMS. It is a built-in multi-channel content management system. You can upload images and files from the content tab or create content such as emails or landing pages. All of this comes together with a Campaign.

• Campaign:

You start with a pre-configured campaign that includes emails, signup forms, and more. After you select one of those, the content and metadata are all in one place, along with the tools you need to get started. You can manage the campaign content and settings for single emails and signup forms from the campaign record. And you can also optimize your campaigns with Einstein along the way.

• Flow Builders:

For massive series, edit your campaign with Flow Builders. It helps you automate complex business processes for admins and standard users. That includes a curated subset of flow elements that personalize the customer’s journey across the channels. After activating a campaign flow, you can check the reports to monitor engagement data and share performance with your team.

The Marketing Cloud Growth Edition comes with Generative AI and built-in content approval processes to make your marketing efforts smoother.

AI capabilities in Marketing Cloud Growth:

Einstein AI in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition enhances work results and everyday productivity.

  • Einstein Co-Create – A Generative AI feature creates marketing content using prompts given by a marketer in a conversation. Marketing Cloud Growth allows building templated campaigns, content, and data segmentation smoothly.
  • Einstein Metrics Guard – A predictive AI feature that analyzes the historical pattern of opens, clicks, and spam complaints to address mail privacy rules enforced by certain email providers.
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization – A predictive AI feature analyses the optimal time to send the email to the recipient based on the individual’s previous engagement data to improve the engagement rate.

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