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What we do

At MarmatoDigital, we help you unleash the power of data and analytics to revolutionize data for better outcomes. In addition, we specialize in helping you assess and improve your current data infrastructure, identify areas of weakness, and address data-related issues. Our team is skilled in developing strategies for collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data to support all stages of the data journey. Using a structured approach, we ensure the data is trustworthy and accurate, leading to optimal results for your marketing efforts.

Database health check

Ensure that your database is working at optimal levels.

Data architecture

Organize the data in the best way possible within your technology.

Data governance

Establish rules, processes, and procedures over data control and usage.

Data integrations

Get your data from other systems and use it more effectively.

Custom reports and dashboards

Get personalized reports to help you monitor performance.

Privacy and compliance

Apply data privacy law, and comply with data privacy regulations.

Campaign attribution and influence

Review of current metrics and suggested data-driven actions.


Integrations with analytics platforms


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From software selection to integration, our experienced team will help you develop a comprehensive strategy. We work with top platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua, ensuring high-quality solutions.

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