Use cases


Using shared content for modifying
large quantity emails

Company: A large convention hotel brand, that consists of 5 large hotels over United States.

Challenge: Hotel chain wants to implement sending pre-arrival emails to the guests, 3 days, 10 days, and 30 days before arrival, for each of the 5 hotels. The emails need to be personalized according to 6 different variables. Additionally, the content of the emails will be modified twice a year. In total there is 450 different emails.

Solution: A main program in Eloqua was created, with 5 subprograms for each hotel, to automate the emails sends according to the characteristics of each individual guest. Also, the shared content feature was used to speed up the email creation process, and less email templates had to be created and modified.

Results: A total of 200 hours are saved for all 5 properties each time the content of the templates are changed.


Database Health

Challenge: A large proportion of the database are unreachable contacts due to unsubscribes, bounce backs and low activity. These contacts take up necessary space and affect the deliverability score.

Solution: An automated program in Eloqua was put in place to automatically delete hard bounce back and unsubscribed contacts each week, and another program to remove contacts that have had no activity in the last 2 years.

Results: The unreachability percentage got reduced by 13 points, and it goes up to only 3% of the total database. The unreachable contacts get deleted every week automatically, keeping the database healthy.