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Marmato Digital has a team of certified Eloqua specialists with in-depth knowledge of the platform’s features and capabilities. We offer a range of Eloqua services to enhance your digital marketing efforts. 

Our certified consultants will help set up your Eloqua instance to fit your business goals and reach potential customers through personalized marketing campaigns. We can help you to enhance your revenue operations and increase your business ROI (return on investment). 

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Services We Offer


Are you looking to elevate your sales through the power of marketing automation? Unsure of what to do and where to begin? No worries – we've got you covered. Our expert team is here to help you, from configuring the Eloqua setup to crafting custom dashboards for your unique business needs, to elevate your digital marketing strategy.

  • Maximize the efficiency of Eloqua with our specialized configuration and setup services.
  • Navigate the nuances of IP warming strategically. Our team ensures a positive sender reputation, gradually building credibility for improved email deliverability.
  • Embark on your Eloqua journey seamlessly with our onboarding expertise. We help you craft a compelling online presence by aligning the instance with your unique brand identity. Also, gain real-time insights into your campaigns with custom Eloqua dashboards.

Connecting to CRM systems or databases is crucial for a business. We can assist you in integrating with your CRM or database through direct integration or a custom approach. We'll provide you with the best option that fits your needs. Elevate your marketing capabilities through our integration expertise.

  • We help you enhance your marketing efficiency by integrating your Eloqua instance with Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM, ensuring seamless communication and data synchronization, and streamlining data flow for a unified customer experience.

Our team helps you to optimize event marketing with seamless integration of popular platforms like On24, GoToWebinar (GTW), and Webex, ensuring a unified approach to event management.

Our team assists in expanding your reach by integrating with various Cloud APIs and connecting your Eloqua instance to AWS, SFTP, and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) for seamless and secure data exchange. 

Data Services

A data health check helps you find exactly where, how, and how much your data needs cleaning. Our team has expertise in cleaning data across various areas. We assist you in ensuring your information is tidy, whole, organized, and connected between systems properly. Refine your marketing data effortlessly with our comprehensive data services.

Our data normalization service ensures consistency and accuracy in your data by normalizing formats and structures, enhancing its usability across platforms. 

Elevate data quality through thorough cleansing and easy list uploads, providing a reliable foundation for your marketing endeavors. Eliminate redundancy and streamline your data by deduplicating records, ensuring a clean and efficient database. 

Navigate compliance seamlessly with robust management of Do Not Call (DNC) and opt-out lists, ensuring adherence to regulations. Also, trust in our data stewardship services to maintain the integrity and security of your marketing data, providing a reliable foundation for strategic decision-making.

Campaign Management

Require additional assistance with brainstorming, designing, or executing campaigns? Simplify your campaign production cycle with our streamlined campaign services. Our team of certified consultants can help with the planning, development, and execution of your Eloqua marketing campaigns. From email creation to reporting, we provide all the campaign-related services.

We create engaging emails, dynamic forms, and compelling landing pages. Our team experts also ensure a consistent brand experience across devices with responsive HTML templates, enhancing the reach and impact of your campaigns.

Our team of campaign creation experts will support you in creating a flawless campaign, ensuring a swift and effective deployment. We also help in A/B testing for optimizing campaign performance, allowing you to refine strategies and maximize engagement.

We will assist you in gaining valuable insights into your campaigns with robust reporting and analytics features, empowering data-driven decision-making. Our team will provide the details on KPIs and the strategies to improve them. 

Revenue Strategic Services

Elevate your revenue strategy with our focused and personalized services. Our team can help you develop strategic plans to optimize existing revenue channels and identify potential new opportunities for revenue growth.

  • Identify high value leads effortlessly through our advanced lead scoring model, ensuring efficient prioritization for targeted engagement. Nurture leads effectively with our tailored strategies, guiding prospects through the conversion funnel with personalized and timely interactions.

Streamline your lead management process with our robust framework, optimizing the entire lifecycle from acquisition to conversion.

Gain insights into your sales funnel dynamics through our comprehensive analysis, allowing for continuous optimization and improved conversion rates. Enhance targeting precision with in-depth segmentation analysis and strategic approaches, ensuring your messages resonate with specific audience segments. 

Development/ Technical Services

Unlock advanced customization possibilities with our technical support and tailoring campaigns to your unique requirements. With a team of skilled developers and designers, we deliver high-quality and innovative technical services tailored to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Ensure visually appealing email and landing page templates with HTML coding. Enhance the aesthetics and consistency of your marketing assets with CSS coding, ensuring a polished and professional appearance. Tailor your data interactions with SQL coding, enabling seamless integration and data manipulation within Eloqua. 

Advanced interactivity and customization with JavaScript coding, adding dynamic elements to your Eloqua campaigns.

Tailor your data interactions with SQL coding, enabling seamless integration and data manipulation within Eloqua. 

Audits/ Health Checks

Ensure the vitality of your Eloqua instance through our audits and health checks. Our Health Check and Audit service ensures your system performs the best way. Our experts look at your marketing tools and how your campaigns are doing.

Maintain data integrity with a thorough database audit, ensuring accuracy and reliability for effective marketing campaigns.

Optimize your campaign structure for maximum efficiency, ensuring a well-organized and impactful approach to your marketing initiatives. Streamline your Eloqua experience with a standardized naming convention and folder structure. 

Navigate regulatory landscapes effortlessly with our compliance checks, ensuring your campaigns align with industry standards and legal requirements.

Platform Migration services

Don't let the tricky migration to a new platform slow down your marketing and keep you from growing your business. Our experts will help you migrate to the new platform in a short time and make the most of it and its features.

Strategize your move seamlessly with meticulous migration planning, ensuring a smooth transition to Eloqua. Tailor your migration setup with our expert designing services, ensuring alignment with your business needs.

Enhance data quality with thorough auditing and cleaning, preparing your datasets for optimal performance within Eloqua. Safeguard your valuable data with our secure data backup solutions.

Execute your migration plan flawlessly and validate its success through rigorous testing, guaranteeing a seamless transition. Conclude your migration journey with a post-migration audit, confirming data integrity and system performance.

Why choose Marmato Digital?


We ensure that every service we offer is of the utmost quality, tailored to meet the unique needs and expectations of our valued clients.


No matter how big or small the projects are, we always offer high-quality service to all our clients that can be measured over time.


We provide goal-oriented and growth-focused services to our clients with our experience and expertise, making us a reliable partner.


We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and consistently strive to deliver projects on time or even ahead of schedule for successful execution.


Ongoing training and certifications ensure that our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in marketing technology.

Data Security

We prioritize your sensitive information protection, reflecting our dedication to maintaining a secure environment for your valuable data.

Use Case

Database Health


A large proportion of the database is unreachable contacts due to unsubscribes, bounce backs, and low activity. These contacts take up necessary space and affect the deliverability score.


An automated program in Eloqua was implemented to automatically delete hard bounce-back and unsubscribed contacts each week, and another program to remove contacts that have had no activity in the last 2 years.


The unreachability percentage was reduced by 13 points, and it went up to only 3% of the total database. The unreachable contacts get deleted every week automatically, keeping the database healthy.


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