Secure and Streamlined: Gmail’s Impact on Your Email Marketing Strategy (Gmail Updates)

Email has become a crucial part of our everyday communication. Whether you’re keeping in touch with family & friends or your customers & clients, it’s important to ensure that your emails are safe and secure.

Recently, Google announced the Gmail updates, their upcoming changes to bulk email communication, set to take effect from February 2024. Moreover, this update targets the following three aspects: Email Authentication, simplified subscription processes, and enhanced Anti-Spam emails.

These changes aim to improve the security, effectiveness, and efficiency of email marketing for both senders and recipients. However, the most challenging aspect of Gmail updates is that companies must prepare themselves for this; otherwise, they risk a significant decline in their email deliverability, potentially leading to a drop in sales.

Secure and Streamlined: Gmail's Impact on Your Email Marketing Strategy (Gmail Updates)

Email Marketing requirements for bulk senders after Gmail updates:

1. Email Authentication:

Google checks messages sent to Gmail accounts to confirm they are genuine. This step is to make security stronger. Establish email authentication for your domain to ensure the messages reach the intended recipients. Moreover, strong email authentication will help close gaps that attackers often exploit, making email safer for everyone.

Email Authentication - sender guidelines:

Google recommends setting up the following for your domains,

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)

Setting up the above standards for your domains will help to safeguard your recipients from harmful messages, like spoofing and phishing attempts. In addition, it aids in shielding you and your organization from impersonation and reduces the chances of your emails being rejected or labeled as spam by Gmail.

Our certified marketing automation consultants specialize in setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. In addition, we also assist you in IP warming and email sending best practices.

2. Easier Unsubscription:

Google suggests bulk email senders to let Gmail recipients easily unsubscribe from promotional emails with just one click and handle these requests within two days. However, this makes it easier for users to manage their inbox and have more control over what’s in it. Also, allowing recipients to unsubscribe from your emails can help to improve your open and click-through rates. Easy unsubscription results in an engaging subscriber list.

Unsubscription - sender guidelines:

  • Ensure that it’s simple for people to find the unsubscribe link.
  • Understand the rules for unsubscribing and make sure to follow them.
  • Make it easy for people to leave your mailing list without additional steps like logging in or sharing their personal information.

Prepare for the change in your email opt-out processes to enable the one-click feature.

Our certified team has extensive experience in helping you set up an effective unsubscription link. We can provide guidance and recommend the best practices to ensure a seamless unsubscription process for customers and build a sender reputation.

3. Anti-spam emails:

No one likes spam emails, and Gmail already has tools to keep those annoying messages away. Now, they are adding more protection. In the upcoming Gmail updates, Google is planning to set a threshold to ensure that senders stay below the set spam rate to keep Gmail users from getting too many unwanted messages.

Anti-spam email - sender guidelines:

  • Don’t use opt-in forms that are already checked or automatically subscribe users. Some places have rules against this.
  • Setting up a preference center can assist your subscribers in managing their subscription choices. In return, this will stop them from marking your emails as spam.
  • Don’t send marketing emails to people who didn’t sign up or subscribe to your emails.
  • Avoid purchasing email addresses from third-party sources.

Send emails regularly and avoid bursts. Begin with a low-volume email sending and gradually increase over time. Keep an eye on server responses, spam rates, and your sending domain’s reputation as you increase volume. Regular monitoring helps you check for higher spam rates or drops in domain reputation.

Our experts can guide you in creating a user-friendly preference center that matches your brand and follows Google’s rules. We keep it simple and clearly explain each subscription and email frequency.

Prepare for the upcoming Gmail updates with Marmato Digital!

Partner with Marmato Digital for expert guidance in email authentication, streamlined unsubscription processes, and implementing best practices for a lower spam rate. Elevate your email marketing game with our proven expertise.

Our certified marketing automation experts can help you simplify these complicated ideas into easy-to-follow tips for your email marketing strategy. Contact Us today!

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