8 Marketing Email Mistakes you must avoid to reach your goals in 2023

Marketing emails are a powerful way to reach out to customers and prospects. But they can also be a prime source of frustration for recipients who don’t want to be bombarded with marketing messages.

A mistake is a mistake only if we don’t learn from it. But email marketing mistakes can be disastrous. So, if we can avoid them, we should.

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Email Marketing Mistakes to avoid

1. Not having a Strategy

The first mistake many marketers make is not having a strategy for their email marketing. It can be one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business, yet you may often overlook it.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Frame a strategy for your email marketing. Avoid using a specific brand name as the subject line, as it may be considered spam by your recipients.

2. Poor Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing a user sees in an email. It has the power to convince people to open your email or delete it without even reading it. So, you need to get it right!

Tip to avoid this mistake: A good subject line should be short & punchy and try to convey the email message in just a few words.

3. Not Using Tracking and Reporting Tools

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience and convert them into customers. But it’s not easy to track the success of your email campaign.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Use an email tracking tool. It lets you know how many people opened your email, clicked on a link, clicked a call-to-action button, and more.

4. Sending Emails at the Wrong Time

One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is sending emails at the wrong time. It can diminish your email’s impact as well as open and click rates. It’s important to send out emails when your customers are most likely to be checking their inboxes.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Based on the research by leading email marketing companies, the best time to send out mass email is between 9am and 3pm. The worst time is between 8pm and 12am, because people are less likely to open any emails they receive during this period.

5. Quality issue due to the deadline:

When the email deadline gets closer, we start to worry about whether we will meet it. As a result, we cut corners and eventually sent boring emails to subscribers.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Have a proper plan for completing email and campaign creation before the deadline.

6. Email fonts not supported by email clients:

In some cases, the fonts used in the emails may not be supported by the email clients, which would affect the font rendering and the company’s brand.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Use web-safe fonts. Most marketers use this because they look great and are supported by all email clients. Arial, Roboto, Helvetica, and Calibri are web-safe fonts.

7. Not using a responsive email template:

A good layout design will catch the reader’s attention and keep them reading. Lack of notice of the email layout in different screen sizes will collapse the entire email content flow when viewed from different screen sizes.

Tip to avoid this mistake: It’s important to note that not all email clients are created equal. So, it’s best to use a responsive template so your messages will look great on any device, no matter what size screen you view on.

8. Broken email link

You may send the email successfully. But in some cases, the link in the email will not work. The problem arises because marketers might accidentally paste the wrong link or miss a few details of the link in the body/CTA of the email.

Tip to avoid this mistake: Always use your company’s domain name when sending out marketing emails. Ensure you redirect all the links in the email to the correct webpage or landing page before sending the email.

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