How to Import and Export prospects in MCAE (Pardot)?

Importing and exporting prospects is a critical task for any business. It helps to ensure that you are always up to date with your prospect data.

Importing prospects is the process of retrieving data about new customers from a third party. Ensuring a list of values meeting a specific criterion is included in an import during the validation process helps you maintain a clean and consistent file. It is best to use ‘CRM ID’ for data imports to avoid data duplicates.

Exporting prospects is the process of removing outdated or otherwise unnecessary records from your CRM system to save storage space and prevent future confusion in your database. Export prospects in CSV format to perform back-end updates, fix synchronization errors, or use it for external reporting purposes.

Import and Export prospects

Importing Prospects in MCAE (Pardot)

Importing prospect data in MCAE helps marketers use data from other sources and create segments. It is done by uploading a CSV file or using the API. These segments created are used for targeting, personalization, and segmentation.

When importing prospects, consider these points:

  • The size of the import file can be up to 100 MB.
  • The files imported will be available for at least 60 days.
  • Import dates in Year-Month-Date format.
  • Pardot creates a new prospect for every new email address or CRM ID in your import file.
  • Pardot imports the data from top to bottom.
  • To assign prospects during import, create a column with the Pardot username of each prospect you are importing and map it to the Assign to User field.
  • Only valid email addresses are accepted. Pardot avoids importing Email addresses with invalid characters or HTML.
  • Use semicolons to separate multi-select field values in your import file.

Steps to Import MCAE prospects

To import:

Step 1 : Go to Pardot Settings > Imports > Prospects

Import pardot prospects

Step 2 : Click “+ Upload File” and select your .csv file you want to import.

You can choose “Create and Update prospects using the Salesforce Lead or Contact ID” or “Create or Update Prospects using Email Address” (if you uploaded their email address).

Click on “Next”.

Import pardot prospects

Step 3 : Map the column headings in the file to Pardot fields. MCAE will suggest to you some field mappings.

Import pardot prospects

Step 4 : Select “overwrite existing data” next to fields you want to update to overwrite any existing prospect data in your import file.

Step 5 : Click Next.

Step 6 : You have the option to Select or Create a campaign.

Selecting the correct campaign is important because it gives you visibility into which ones are selected and lets you repeat or update them in the future.

Import pardot prospects

Step 7 : Click Next. Make sure you check your import details and click “Confirm & Save”.

Import pardot prospects

Exporting Prospects in Pardot

Exporting prospect data from Pardot is a straightforward process. With the right set of credentials, you can export all or some of your prospects to a CSV file.

Steps to Export Pardot prospects

Step 1 : Navigate to Prospects > Pardot Prospects.

Step 2 : Click Tools, then select CSV Export.

Export pardot prospects

Step 3 : Provide an export name.

Step 4 : Choose the export type

  •      Express Export (to export a lot of prospects)
  •      Full Export (includes custom fields, scores, and default fields)
Export pardot prospects

Step 5: Click “Export”.

The Importing and Exporting Process in MCAE is a great way to get started with the MCAE platform. Import your current leads and contacts to Pardot – any updates will be synced automatically. Tags make it easy to find your assets.

You can also export your prospect data from MCAE. Prospect exports are a great place to store exported prospect data, edit and import history records or share the same file with others. It is helpful if you want to use the data for other purposes, such as importing it into another CRM system or using it for marketing campaigns.

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